MTG Modern Rakdos Sacrifice Scam – Deck Guide

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work on Rakdos Sacrifice decks built around one of the most underplayed cards in Modern: Goblin Bombardment. Bombardment is one of the most powerful sacrifice outlets in MTG’s history and allows you to effectively accrue incremental value when facing opposing creatures and removal while also letting you deal massive amounts of damage to race opposing linear decks. When Unlucky Witness was printed in the Streets of New Capenna, my interest in the sacrifice archetype was reignited and I found that the dynamic duo of Goblin Bombardment and Unlucky Witness to be a great blend of powerful and fun.

Goblin BombardmentUnlucky Witness

I put together a lot of variants of the archetype and found some reasonable success with them. After moving onto other strategies for a few months, I circled back to one of my earlier drafts of Rakdos Sacrifice and I realized that there was an obvious powerful and synergistic package of cards that I had failed to consider previously. 

GriefFuryMalakir Rebirth // Malakir Mire

Using effects like Malakir Rebirth to return your Incarnation from the graveyard, doubling up on the enters the battlefield trigger and putting a creature with good stats into play for one mana as soon as turn one has been a powerful strategy in Modern for a while now. These strategies of cheating the Incarnations into play with one mana spells is often affectionately referred to as “scam decks,” possessing the ability to cheesily win games with this combo and “scam” your opponents. This package of cards has a surprising amount of synergy with the sacrifice archetype, as Malakir Rebirth when combined with Goblin Bombardment can allow you to reuse enters the battlefield or dies triggers from cards like Seasoned Pyromancer or Unlucky Witness. Additionally, the evoke trigger from one of the Incarnations can trigger Mayhem Devil’s ability, and you can also sacrifice them to Goblin Bombardment or another sacrifice outlet before the evoke trigger resolves. 

Beyond these synergies, giving the sacrifice deck access to powerful and synergistic zero-mana interaction is a huge step up in power level for the archetype. So far after seven MTGO leagues, I’ve had a record of 28-7 for a clean 80 percent win rate. I’ve found the deck to be a good choice versus Living End, Omnath, Murktide, Burn and, Yawgmoth, but can struggle versus Tron and Hammer Time



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3 thoughts on “MTG Modern Rakdos Sacrifice Scam – Deck Guide”

  1. Can we get a deck guide and sideboard guide for Rakdos Scam? This link says Rakdos Scam, but this deck is not Rakdos Scam, it’s Rakdos Sacrifice. Rakdos Scam is making up a significant percentage of the meta, I’ve only seen Rakdos Sacrifice played once or twice.

  2. Yea, I was really hoping to find a scam guide here. Same as above mentioned. The deck is putting up some good results and would love some in detail tips

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