MTG Modern Enchantress – Deck Guide

Over the last several months, the Modern MTG metagame has stabilized in such a way that the same four Tier 1 decks have stayed at the top of the format for a considerable amount of time. These four decks are Four-Color Omnath, Izzet Murktide, Living End and Hammer Time, and there hasn’t been a Modern tournament for quite some time that hasn’t featured these decks heavily.

However, there has been a considerable amount of movement amongst Tier 2 decks that are striving to target the four Tier 1 decks while also hedging versus the rest of the format. One of these Tier 2 decks that is extremely underplayed in Modern is Enchantress, and is one of the only decks in Modern that can boast a favorable matchup versus all four of these Tier 1 decks. Oftentimes, a Tier 2 deck being a good metagame call boils down to a single card that’s well positioned versus all of or the majority of the decks to beat.

Solitary Confinement

For Enchantress, Solitary Confinement is the main draw to the archetype, as the card is exceedingly difficult for Murktide, Living End and Hammer Time to beat. And while Solitary Confinement usually lines up poorly versus Four-Color Omnath, Enchantress is a deck easily capable of absolutely burying Omnath in card advantage while dodging all of their creature-based removal with Sterling Grove

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s that Enchantress is an exceptional choice if you expect Tier 1 decks to be highly represented. This matchup spread should make Enchantress an exceedingly attractive option for tournament grinders, and having it in your toolbox to choose for a tournament is a powerful option going forward, even if it doesn’t become your go-to deck in the format. The deck does struggle versus big mana decks like Titan and Tron, and I’ve also found the Rhinos matchup to be tricky. And while it’s alright to have a couple of bad matchups, you’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing to select Enchantress. 

Here’s the list that I currently recommend. I would consider this list to be somewhat “stock” with a few hedges towards those big mana matchups that the archetype tends to struggle against. 



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4 thoughts on “MTG Modern Enchantress – Deck Guide”

  1. Void Mirror, Choke, and nevermore could be good side board cards. getting the “lock” in place is pretty key. If you can slow they gameplay down, it becomes pretty easy to lock them out.

  2. I enjoyed the old list for enchantress run a breeding pool and throw in a Free from the Reel. If you can get that attached to a Weaver you have infinite mana. Walking Balista and running the Emrakul in the main deck. Once you get going with drawing you can deck out pretty fast if you’re not careful. The Free you can get on top at their end step next turn draw and attach. You can turn three infinite mana (if you already have the reel)

  3. One thing I wanna note here: this version of the deck can be completely shut down by Surgical Extraction if a Destiny Spinner ever hits the graveyard. Without Destiny Spinner, you don’t have any alternate wincon if you haven’t boarded in Emrakul. Bringing in Sigil of the Empty Throne (or Hallowed Haunting) gives you a maindeck secondary wincon for grindier matchups (I’d probably remove 1 Solitary Confinement for it). Void Mirror could also be an excellent SB card for these cases.

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