MTG Modern Azorius Spirits – Deck Guide

We’ve got Spirits, yes we do, we’ve got Spirits, how about you? Spirits is the kind of deck that ranges from fringe playable to quite good, and does so on the back of early pressure, disruption, and a resilient force of flyers. I’ve never been to a live Modern tournament where someone wasn’t playing Spirits, so covering seems like a good call. Let’s dive in!



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1 thought on “MTG Modern Azorius Spirits – Deck Guide”

  1. Thanks for the shout out (DrKatz11 is my MTGO Tag). I think spirits are slept on in Modern, and all their protection lines up well against the efficient removal for little creatures. They’re a resilient tribe, and I think Merfolk, Goblins, and Humans all have tools to keep up too.

    Disagree with some of the sideboard and mulligan choices, but to each their own. Thanks for covering spirits in Modern LSV!

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