MTG Dominaria United Previews – Liliana of the Veil, Braids and More

We’ve had our first big round upcoming Dominaria United previews, and I couldn’t be more pumped up! Standard players should keep in mind that this set comes with a big rotation. There will be a lot more room to play around without cards like Goldspan Dragon, Esika’s Chariot and Luminarch Aspirant crowding things out.

Black is my favorite color in MTG (okay, I confess that I could answer either black or green depending on my mood). I find black to have the most interesting identity as a color, focusing on resource management and making strategic trade-offs over the course of the game. Dominaria United looks to play hard to those aspects of the color, with plenty of throwbacks to beloved cards in Magic’s past. 

Today, I’ll discuss all of the mono-black cards that have been previewed at the time of writing. 



Liliana of the Veil is my favorite Magic card of all time, and she’s getting a reprint in the new set (okay, I confess that I could answer either Liliana or Huntmaster of the Fells, depending on my mood). 

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