MTG Dominaria United Cards to Build Around – Deep Dive

With Dominaria United comes tons of new cards, and with them, new deck lists. Whether it’s Standard, Modern, Explorer, Historic or Pioneer, there looks to be something for everyone, and plenty of room to brew or improve existing archetypes. Today, I’ll be diving deep into some of the most noteworthy Dominaria United¬†cards along with some deck lists to get you started. From Merfolk to Mono-Red to Izzet Spells to Elves to Rakdos Midrange to Enigmatic Incarnation, I’ve got it all for you today.



Header - Mono-Red

Phoenix ChickRadha's FirebrandJaya, Fiery NegotiatorLightning StrikeShivan DevastatorSquee, Dubious Monarch

Red in Standard gets a lot of really good new tools from Dominaria United. My personal favorite is Radha’s Firebrand. Every successful aggressive red deck needs good two-drops and Radha’s Firebrand checks two important boxes for me: it has high power and it can take out an opposing blocker out of combat, which is most of the time as good as running a removal spell. It also pairs very nicely with Reckless Stormseeker.

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