Mono-White Midrange is the Meta Breaker – MTG Standard Deck Guide

If you would have told me before the release of Dominaria United that the second Deck Guide I would write would be about Mono-White Midrange of all the archetypes out there, I would have laughed! But here we are.

We live in a Black Midrange world, you can pick up Grixis, Rakdos, Esper, Jund or Mono-Black and grind your teeth out in the pseudo-mirrors. You can edge out a bit of an advantage with a certain tech while your opponents are also tuning their deck to prepare against other black midrange piles or you follow my lead and breeze through the opposition with Mono-White Midrange!

Yes, you heard me right: Mono-White Midrange breezes through black decks like a hot knife through butter. Let me explain why in this piece on the surprise breakout deck of Dominaria United Standard!



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