Modern UW SagaBlade – Deck Guide

Last week, I wrote a deck guide for traditional Azorius Stoneblade (which you can find here) and today, I’ll be expanding on this general archetype with UW SagaBlade. I’ve been really enjoying the archetype lately, and the card holding the whole deck together is one of the most underplayed cards in Modern: Esper Sentinel


Esper Sentinel

Esper Sentinel is not only a really powerful turn one play in this format that’s defined by lots of cheap noncreature spells, but Sentinel especially shines in Stoneforge Mystic decks. While Stoneblade decks have struggled to be as mana efficient as other strategies in the format, Esper Sentinel really pivots the early game into Stoneblade’s favor by taxing your opponent’s mana. The card is a huge speed bump for so many opposing decks and gives you the time you need for Stoneforge Mystic to take over the game.

While I do think the more traditional build of Stoneblade is a totally fine place to be in Modern at the moment, I’ve put together a fresh take on the archetype that seeks to capitalize on artifact synergies while maintaining a powerful midrange game plan. Here’s the list:


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