Modern Thrasta Gruul Prowess – Deck Guide

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months working on different prowess variants in Modern. I believe the archetype to be both powerful and surprisingly versatile, with a plethora of different ways to approach deckbuilding. Of all the variants and color combinations available to Modern Prowess players, it is my opinion that Gruul is the most underexplored. This might be surprising to hear as splashing blue for Expressive Iteration or white for Prismatic Ending have been much more popular options up until this point, but after a lot of experimentation and brewing, I’ve found that there are three interesting reasons to splash green instead. 



First, Gruul has access to several premium sideboard cards to compensate in areas that Izzet, Mono-Red and Boros are lacking. More specifically I’ve found the suite of Ancient Grudge, Run Afoul and Weather the Storm to really give you a lot of game versus the current Modern meta and I’ve even found myself splashing for these cards when playing the other variants. 

Second, the most powerful aspect of Gruul Prowess (and the main point that I’d like you to take away from this Guide) is the ability to cheat on land count by playing Abundant Harvest

Abundant Harvest

Harvest is a spell that generated a lot of buzz before Modern Horizons 2. The card has an interesting history as it first appeared in Strixhaven’s Mystical Archives with the promise that it would also be printed in Modern Horizons 2. Before Modern players got to play with the card, Legacy and Historic players were both singing the praises of Abundant Harvest as an excellent cantrip and because of this, many Magic players expected Harvest to see a lot of play in Modern.

However, I’ve found that unlike cards like Preordain and Ponder, Abundant Harvest does a particularly bad job of digging for any specific card. Additionally, fair decks in Modern need to impact the board as effectively with their mana as possible in the early game and this often means that most strategies are not interested in playing a cantrip effect.

That being said, I think that Harvest is a great option in decks that want to cheat on their land counts, decks that are interested in playing cantrips and decks with lots of redundancy in their spells. Prowess as an archetype fits these characteristics perfectly, as mana flood is historically one of the biggest issues prowess decks have had to face. They also have a lot of redundancy when it comes to their spells and the deck is very interested in playing some number of cantrips to trigger prowess and Dragon’s Rage Channeler.

After a lot of playtesting, I’ve found that the formula consisting of 14 lands, Abundant Harvest and a very low mana curve has allowed Gruul Prowess to be low to the ground, more consistent than other prowess variants and incredibly resilient to mana flood. Simply put, I’ve found Abundant Harvest to be one of the best spells in prowess and I’m very interested in exploring more with the card. I think that there are a lot of different ways to build with the card, but the most interesting (and the last reason to splash green) is another interesting spell from Modern Horizons 2.

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