Modern Temur Shardless Rhinos – Deck Guide

Shardless Agent is coming to Modern with Modern Horizons 2, and many people are nostalgically daydreaming about cascading into Ancestral Visions and Tarmogoyfs. However, I see the best three mana cascade spell in Magic, and think about emulating one of the strongest decks Modern has ever seen with this take on Modern Temur.

The deck I’m referring to was developed after the release of Kaldheim in February of 2021. It had a very unique formula consisting of eight cascade spells with a mana value of three, a powerful spell to cascade into every time that a cascade spell was cast (Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor) and interactive spells that could be cast for less than their mana value in order to interact with opponents in the early game without disrupting the cascade plan. The deck was incredibly powerful and consistent, and resulted in a rules change to cascade and a ban to Simian Spirit Guide



Modern Valki Cascade by SpiderSpace (February 2021)


When I heard that Shardless Agent was being printed into Modern, I saw an opportunity to build a deck with a similar formula as the Valki cascade deck. 

Shardless Agent has a few advantages over Ardent Plea or Violent Outburst. First, of course, is that Shardless Agent is a 2/2 creature. Second, Shardless Agent allows your deck to be three colors instead of four – Bant if you pair it with Ardent Plea or Temur if you pair it with Violent Outburst. Shardless Agent can also be pitched to Force of Negation or Subtlety and bounced and recast by Jace, the Mind Sculptor

So far, there are a few options to cascade into.


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