Modern Temur Creativity – Deck Guide

Gabriel Nassif revived this archetype a few weeks ago, when he started toying first with Grixis Archon and then tuned his list to a second place in Modern Challenge with Temur Creativity. Make sure to check out both of his videos for ChannelFireball to learn more about this deck. For now though, here’s my spin on the archetype!



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1 thought on “Modern Temur Creativity – Deck Guide”

  1. Just want to point out that in the fable/prismari command builds, it’s pretty trivial to discard a draw archon, so it can be a really good idea to board down to 1 archon and 1 emrakul (or even 1 single emrakul if you’re brave enough) and ship the rest of your archons to the side vs decks like murktide whose removal is basically only unholy heat or a known instant/sorcery. You can make room for the countermagic you should be bringing in (mystical disputes) vs Murktide without watering down your main gameplan at all, and if you resolve creativity, know that your opponent needs exactly otawara to answer your threat. Better yet, your opponent is incentivized if they have it up to bounce one of the two tokens you have up so as to avoid an expected archon trigger, so they may blow their only answer game 2 and leave you with an emrakul they cannot answer. Beware of GY hate this way, but your oppponents definitely *shouldn’t be bringing gy hate in against you anyways if you have not presented yourself as the grixis deck.

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