Modern RB Ob Nixilis Bombardment – Deck Guide

The key to successfully playing off-meta decks in any format is finding a powerful card that’s underplayed. Goblin Bombardment continues to be criminally underplayed in Modern. I’ve spent a long time brewing and tuning a Jund Sacrifice list that used Wrenn and Six, Grist, the Hunger Tide and Collected Company to generate card advantage in a sacrifice deck built around Goblin Bombardment. Here’s a link to that Deck Guide: 

However, a couple of new spells from Streets of New Capenna were released that enable the deck to be built without the green splash, while still maintaining a huge amount of card advantage. I’m sure that most of you can infer that one of these cards is MTG’s latest flashy three mana planeswalker, Ob Nixilis, the Adversary, a card that can push your advantage in the early game and quickly snowball out of control. But the real star from the new set is Unlucky Witness, MTG’s first one-mana creature that can cantrip when it dies! Tenacious Underdog is another good recursive creature for this archetype. While you can’t afford to play many copies of the card due to how expensive the blitz cost it is, having access to the first copy of the card has been good and it fills out the curve nicely. 

Ob Nixilis, the AdversaryUnlucky WitnessTenacious Underdog

Here’s where I’m at with the list. At the time of writing, I’m currently 13-2 in matches with the deck and while I’ve definitely been running well, I think that it shows a lot of promise. I’ve found it to be good versus control, Ragavan decks, Living End and Omanth, usually needs sideboard cards to beat big mana decks and struggles versus Hammer Time and Rhinos. 



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