Modern Rakdos Squirrel – Deck Guide

Ravenous Squirrel has been a long time favorite card of mine, and I’ve been a big proponent of it in various Historic Food shells. But I always felt the card was underexplored in Modern: sure, the format has a higher power level than Historic, but it also has more by way of enablers, such as Mishra’s Bauble and Goblin Bombardment.

With a bunch of Modern events coming up on Magic Online, I brewed a deck that I felt best abused the Squirrel, and after a bunch of tuning (with the help of Piper Powell), came up with a list that does a pretty good job of it. The deck is far from perfect, and struggles a lot with some of the more combo-intensive matchups, but performs really well against all the midrange and controlling matchups (such as Lurrus decks and Murktide) as well as against creature decks.

The deck performed quite well over the weekend (Piper and I lost playing for Top 8 in our respective events) and I’m extremely confident in the deck as a choice for more competitive events, where you’re more likely to face matchups such as Death’s Shadow and Jund, and less likely to face the format’s many combo decks. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the deck!



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