Modern Oops All Spells! – Deck Guide

In the metagame right before the banning of Simian Spirit Guide, there were four decks that could potentially win the game on turn one. These decks were:

When Simian Spirit Guide was legal, these decks were some of the most popular and dangerous decks in the format. Cards like Force of Negation were almost mandatory for fair decks to have a chance in this environment. However, since Guide’s ban, the landscape of Modern has changed a lot. The threat of a turn one kill no longer exists, and cards like Counterspell usually have time to become meaningful interaction. That being said, all-in combo decks still have their place in the format, but they’re trying to  combo off on turns three and four instead of turns one and two. This guide will focus on discussing one of these decks: Oops All Spells. 

Undercity InformerBalustrade SpyBalustrade Spy

We’ll be diving into details on how the combo works, but first I’d like to simply explain the deck’s plan. Simply put, the deck wants to get to four mana and resolve Undercity Informer or Balustrade Spy, which is usually good enough for a win. Not only does this mean that this is a one-card combo deck (a rarity in any format especially Modern), it’s a one-card combo deck with a lot of redundancy. This means that the deck is able to mulligan aggressively to a self mill creature and consistently cast it on turn three thanks to artifact acceleration. This makes Oops All Spells one of the fastest and most consistent decks in the format.

Of course, the deck is vulnerable to graveyard hate, counterspells and a few other pieces of interaction. However, learning what interaction you need to play around, and how to play around it, is a critical part of learning any combo deck, and we’ll go over that later in this guide.

So before we take a deeper look at how exactly the combo looks let’s take a look at a deck list by MTGO user Piegonti.



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