Modern Obosh Red with Chandra, Dressed to Kill – Deck Guide

Modern is a super diverse format with dozens and dozens of decks that wax and wane in and out of favor. On the outskirts of this environment there are several decks that are just one or two good cards away from breaking their way into the top tiers of Modern. One of these decks is Obosh Red, a mono-red midrange deck that utilizes a formula of cheap red creatures for early pressure, Blood Moon and burn spells as interaction, and various sources of card advantage in cards like Seasoned Pyromancer and Obosh, the Preypiercer. This archetype was popularized by MTGO user MHayashi, who’s tried any variation or combination of cards you could imagine playing in this shell. 

The deck just got a huge upgrade from Crimson Vow, an exciting three-mana planeswalker that generates card advantage, mana and damage: Chandra, Dressed to Kill.


Let’s break down what makes Chandra so good in this shell. Chandra’s +1 ability that allows you to play the top card of your library if it’s a red spell is incredibly powerful on a three-mana planeswalker. It’s incredibly rare for a three-mana planeswalker to be able to generate card advantage with a plus ability, and in a mono-red deck like this you’ll be able to ensure that you can cast any spell you find off the top.

The mana generating ability is also nice is a deck full of one mana spells allowing you to play the card and play a burn spell or creature in the same turn to stay ahead on board. It’s also of course super important that Chandra will always end up at four loyalty, safely out of Lightning Bolt range. The ultimate doesn’t quite say “win the game”, but if you’re enough ahead that you’ve successfully used the -7, you’re probably going to win that turn. 

There are a ton of different ways to build the deck, and one of this archetype’s biggest strengths is how flexible you can be when building it. But for now, I’ve put together this 75 that I believe to be a good starting point. I’ve found the deck to be a good choice for combating the various four-color and Azorius control decks, Ragavan strategies and big mana decks. Blood Moon is a criminally underplayed card in Modern at the moment and this is one of the best homes for it. I’ve found the deck to be poor, however against both Rhinos and Hammertime. 


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