Modern MTG Glimpse of Tomorrow Combo – Deck Guide

Glimpse of Tomorrow is the third most popular cascade deck after Living End and Temur Rhinos. Like the other decks, it plays Violent Outburst and Shardless Agent to cascade your zero-mana card, Glimpse of Tomorrow, but this deck is more capable of having a fair game. Thanks to four Cavern of Souls, four Endurance and four Omnath, Locus of Creation, you can easily apply a normal game plan and beat the counterspells/Teferi, Time Raveler decks this way.



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1 thought on “Modern MTG Glimpse of Tomorrow Combo – Deck Guide”

  1. Thanks for posting an update to this deck. The sideboard section needs some love. It’d be nice to have a break down on the match ups. Why board out the cards and why are we bringing in the specific cards? Living end is a good example. I’d prefer to evoke fury to get them in the bin so when they play living end I’m bringing some damage. My last match up with living end fury cleared two of his griefs after he resolved living end. The Mystical disputes are to protect your glimpse of tomorrow’s from force of negation.

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