Modern Mono-Red Phoenix – Deck Guide

During Modern Horizon 2‘s spoiler season, I was keeping a lookout for new cards that could possibly rekindle the old Arclight Phoenix decks. Faithless Looting proved to be too powerful for Modern, but maybe there was some design space in between the power level of Faithless Looting/Careful Study and Izzet Charm/Haggle

Here’s what we got.


Faithless Salvaging

Faithless Salvaging is a big step down from Looting, but it does some very unique things when compared to other enablers like it.

  1. Unlike cards like Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion, Faithless Salvaging does not require a card in hand to discard in order for you to draw a card. This means that if Salvaging is the last card in your hand, it changes from a discard enabler to a card advantage spell. I often find myself casting Salvaging in my upkeep before I draw a card to capitalize on the card advantage. 
  2. While the front half of Faithless Salvaging is underwhelming for two mana, the rebound is where the card shines. Since the rebound costs you zero mana, it sets up for some very powerful turns where you can spend your mana efficiently while still meeting the three spell requirement for Arclight Phoenix
  3. Similar to spells like Lava Dart, Faithless Salvaging is one spell that can trigger cards like Thing in the Ice and Monastery Swiftspear twice. This is some nice added value to consider during deck construction. 

Salvaging is a solid enabler for Arclight Phoenix decks, but there’s also a new powerful one-mana creature that plays very well with everyone’s favorite bird. 


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