Modern Mono-Green Stompy – Deck Guide

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms hasn’t exactly made big waves in Modern. The power level of the set feels especially low after following up the juggernaut that was Modern Horizons 2. However, there is a cycle of cards from AFR that I’ve come to really appreciate and have started to look for the best homes for. 


Den of the BugbearCave of the Frost DragonHive of the Eye TyrantLair of the HydraHall of Storm Giants

Magic has never had creaturelands that both tap for a color and enter untapped conditionally. This is especially interesting in Modern, where many games are decided in the first two turns. Playing tap land in the early game is often risky, and most decks these days aren’t interested in the tapped creaturelands like Raging Ravine or Celestial Colonnade.

I started theorycrafting a few homes for these AFR lands and the one that piqued my interest the most was a mono-green shell with the full four Noble Hierarchs and four Ignoble Hierarchs and four copies of Lair of the Hydra. The eight exalted mana dorks seem powerful with a green creatureland that can be used as a mana sink. 

I put a few different shells together. I tried some mono-green devotion variants, briefly tried to put together a mono-green “storm” deck with Thrasta, Tempest’s Roar and Aeve, Progenitor Ooze, but the deck I ended up liking the most and the deck I’m writing about today is a fresh take on a classic Modern deck: Mono-Green Stompy. 


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