Modern Mono-Black Reanimator – Deck Guide

A few months ago, there was a surprise influx of players trying to explore the mana engine of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth alongside Cabal Coffers. I was one of those players and I ended up coming to the conclusion that the engine of 24 lands with two Urborgs and four Cabal Coffers, four Expedition Maps and four Profane Tutors enables you to get access to crazy amounts of mana in the late game while also allowing you to fill out your deck with any black spells available in the format. This of course means that there’s lots of room for exploration to discover the best 28 cards to fill out the archetype. In March of this year, I posted this Deck Guide with one of my earlier drafts of the archetype.

While I liked this list and still think that this is a reasonable direction to take the deck, a week or so after writing, I ended up testing a surprising card that would become what I consider to be a mandatory inclusion in the archetype. That card is the Commander-banned Golos, Tireless Pilgrim.

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

Golos is an easy card to overlook, but simply put it’s the best five-drop you can play to supplement the Coffers/Urborg game plan and since Coffers/Urborg allows you to make five mana on turn four, five-drops are at a premium. Resolving a Golos almost always means that your next turn will be a super explosive one, and a 3/5 is usually a good enough speedbump to make sure that you untap.

In the late game Golos is a nearly unstoppable card advantage engine when paired with Cascading Cataracts. It also works out nicely that if you have Coffers/Urborg to cast Golos on turn four, then you can even active it on turn five after using Golos to fetch Cataracts (assuming you have another land to play). As a general rule of thumb, I usually grab a Coffers with Golos if I have a lot of resources in my hand, and a Cascading Cataracts if I don’t. 

The more I’ve played with Golos, the more I’ve been impressed with it. It’s an incredible role-player in the archetype and a revolutionary card that made me want to relook at other ways to build the deck. 

I tried a few different builds similar to the older Deck Guide, and really ended up liking this 75 if you’re wanting to play a version with Karn, the Great Creator.



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