Modern Jeskai Stoneblade – Deck Guide

Early into the post-Modern Horizons 2 Modern metagame, Jeskai Stoneblade emerged as one of the format’s premier midrange decks. In recent weeks, the deck has fallen out of favor, but recent shifts in the metagame could be good news for Jeskai Stoneblade players. 

In this article, I’ll be outlining why I think Jeskai Stoneblade is a good choice again in the current Modern meta, how I would build the deck at the moment, and provide some advice on how to pilot the deck. It’s important however to remember that a deck like Jeskai Stoneblade is one that will always need to adapt to survive. Thankfully, the deck is very flexible, and there are tons of powerful options to fill your flex spots in the main and sideboard.



One of the main factors drawing me to Jeskai at the moment is that in the last couple of weeks, Mono-White Hammertime has emerged as the deck to beat in Modern. While every deck has options to combat the Hammer menace, Jeskai has access to all the best tools. Archmage’s Charm leads to game-winning blowouts by stealing your opponents creatures, and Prismatic Ending deals with all of their cheap permanents, including the difficult-to-deal-with Sigarda’s Aid. In the sideboard, Jeskai also gets access to Alpine Moon, Wear // Tear and Kataki, War’s Wage. These are not only great versus Hammer, but are also excellent tools against the other various Urza’s Saga decks at the moment. Stoneforge Mystic brings one more efficient tool to the table: Manriki-Gusari



While Manriki-Gusari used to be an effective tool to win Legacy Stoneforge Mystic mirrors, the card has never quite found a time to shine in Modern. That’s changed with Mono-White Hammer emerging as the best deck in Modern, and Manrki-Gusari is an incredibly effective and tutorable tool against them.

The second factor drawing me to Jeskai Stoneblade at the moment is a card that I believe is currently a fantastic and underplayed choice to combat the top Modern decks.


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