Modern Jeskai Murktide Control – Deck Guide

With each passing week, it’s becoming more and more clear that if you want to have success as a control player in Modern, you need to keep an open mind and build your decks creatively. I’ve talked about this in depth in past articles, but it’s important that I reiterate this fact: it’s still the case that the presence of Unholy Heat and a generally low curve across Modern has pushed “traditional” control decks that rely on four and five-mana planeswalkers out of the format. Control decks, and today’s Jeskai Murktide Control list, however are doing decently in Modern at the moment and have been able to adapt to this environment in one of the three following ways:

  1. Main-decking Chalice of the Void: Not only can Chalice protect your planeswalkers from Unholy Heat, but it also can shut down most Ragavan decks, Hammertime and the various cascade decks. 
  2. Relying on card draw spells to overwhelm your opponent: Namely, Fact or Fiction and Into the Story. I’ve found that these two four-mana draw spells take over games quickly when backed up by cheap interaction. It also feels great that your sources of card advantage don’t die to Unholy Heat. Figuring out a good win condition to backup these cards is kinda tricky. I’ve explored a few options – Thing in the Ice and Dress Down, good ol’ Shark Typhoon, Hall of Storm Giants and Wrenn and Six. These are all solid options, but nothing stands out as the de facto best plan. 
  3. The third plan, and the idea we’re going with in today’s article, is to simply play a different win condition that is more resilient that Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Jace, the Mind Sculptor

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Murktide Regent


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