Modern Jeskai Lotus Field – Deck Guide

Modern is a cyclical format. Sometimes you’ll build or learn to play a deck that’s good for a season or two, but falls out of favor for one reason or another. When you put down a deck like this it’s important to remember lessons you learned from playing it. What were the deck strengths and weaknesses? What kind of metagame does this deck thrive in? What kinds of cards could be printed in the future to upgrade the deck? Are there any interesting deck building techniques to learn from? I’ve found while most brews that I work on end up falling out of favor as time goes on, the lessons I learn from building and playing these decks improve my skills as a deckbuilder. I’ve also found that old and out of date brews occasionally fall back into favor, so try to keep them in the back of your mind. The subject of this article, Jeskai Lotus Field, is one of these old brews that’s fallen back into favor. 

Jeskai Lotus Field is a ramp/control deck that looks to maximize the potential of Lotus Field with Blood Sun, Flagstones of Trokair and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria


Lotus FieldBlood SunFlagstones of TrokairTeferi, Hero of Dominaria

First, let’s look at the deck list:


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