Modern Izzet Through the Breach – Deck Guide

Modern Izzet Through the Breach - Deck Guide

Over the last couple of weeks, Modern control decks have started to fall out of favor. Why is that? The archetype just got some huge upgrades with cards like Prismatic Ending and Counterspell, so shouldn’t decks like Esper control be thriving?


CounterspellPrismatic Ending

There are a few different factors contributing to control’s problems. The card Counterspell isn’t particularly good in a format dominated by one-mana spells since it always has to trade down on mana. Many decks have access to Lurrus of the Dream-Den and/or Urza’s Saga, which are two cards with a low opportunity cost that offer decks the ability to grind through interaction.

These are both problems that can be solved, but in my opinion, the biggest weakness that control decks have is that their traditional win conditions are falling out of favor. One of the biggest strengths to playing control decks has always been the ability to invalidate your opponent’s main deck removal spells. But now, Unholy Heat has become one of the most popular removal spells in Modern, and the once powerful planeswalkers that used to be difficult to interact with – Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Jace, the Mind Sculptor – are now much easier to answer. 

For control decks to adapt and survive in the current Modern landscape, it’s my opinion that they need to look to play win conditions that are resilient to the removal-heavy metagame. Thus, I propose that the best option that fits this criteria is an Izzet Through the Breach list with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.



Through the BreachEmrakul, the Aeons Torn


I’ve played a lot of Izzet Through the Breach decks in the past and I’ve found the deck is a great choice if the metagame meets a few different criteria. 

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