Modern Izzet Murktide – Deck Guide

Five weeks after Modern Horizons 2‘s release, the Modern metagame is starting to settle. There are a few decks competing to be the best. The frontrunners seem to be Titan, Hammertime, Rakdos Midrange, cascade variants and the very exciting deck we’ll be focusing on today: Izzet Murktide.

Izzet Murktide is an aggressive strategy that aims to get ahead on board quickly with Modern’s most efficient threats, Dragon’s Rage Channeler and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, trade resources quickly with burn and counterspells and go over the top of any opponent with the almost unkillable Murktide Regent


Murktide Regent

Murktide was the best performing deck in this last weekend’s showcase challenge, even winning the tournament in the hands of the very talented Milan Bhayana. However, deck builders are split on the best way to construct the 75. This split has spawned a few different variants, but this is the deck’s core. 



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