Modern Izzet Demilich – Deck Guide

It’s only been a little over a month since Modern Horizons 2‘s release and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is already legal on MTGO. Two sets releasing this close together can be a bit overwhelming for deck builders, as we’re still scurrying to find the best builds with the cards from Modern Horizons 2. However, it looks like Forgotten Realms won’t have a huge impact on the Modern format, but there is one card in particular that appears to have potential as a powerful threat in nonrotating formats – Demilich.




Demilich checks a lot of boxes.

  • Castable for zero mana: ✓
  • Castable from the graveyard: ✓
  • Provides snowballing card advantage: ✓

The card pairs very well with one of my favorite creatures ever printed: Arclight Phoenix. Both Phoenix and Demilich want to be played in decks that can cast multiple instant and sorceries on the same turn and put cards in the graveyard. 

Payoffs like Phoenix and Demilich however are only able to shine if the enablers are strong enough, and the best enablers for cards like Demilich (Gitaxian Probe and Faithless looting) are no longer legal in Modern.

There is one card from Modern Horizons 2 that I’ve liked a lot as an enabler for Arclight Phoenix that’ll also work well with Demilich.


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