Modern Indomitable Creativity – Deck Guide Update

Earlier this week, I wrote about Oops All Spells, a powerful one-card combo deck that relies on resolving a single four mana spell to win the game. One card combos are a rarity in Magic, but there’s actually a few viable strategies in Modern that all revolve around resolving a single card to win the game. One of these cards is Indomitable Creativity

Indomitable Creativity

While at first glance it might look like resolving an Indomitable Creativity will just give you random creatures or artifacts from your deck, if built properly, you can ensure that it will always put those same powerful permanents into play when it resolves. If the artifacts or creatures you target with Creativity are tokens that you generate with cards like Dwarven Mine or Prismari Command, then if you only have one or two big creatures in your deck, you will always reveal those creatures. 

While not winning the game immediately, resolving a Creativity on a token can put any Modern-legal creature you want into play. Resolving a Creativity on two tokens will give you any two legal creatures and so forth.



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