Modern Horizons 2 Limited Power Rankings

Modern Horizons 2 has been an extraordinarily deep format to draft so far, and these Masters-style sets can be intimidating, especially if you’re only going to do a few drafts at your LGS for the life of the entire format. In order to help you when you sit down to your next draft, I’m going to lay out what I think are the best commons and uncommons for every color, as well as some overrated and underrated cards in the format in a Modern Horizons 2 Limited Power Rankings of sorts.

It’s important to note that this is not intended to be a pick order list that you should follow to the letter. Rather, these rankings should be used to help you get a sense of the cards that matter in the format, and what archetypes they might be signaling are open when you see them late. For example, if you’re seeing a Hell Mongrel (the best black common) P1P6, you should consider moving into a black-based madness deck if you’re able to.

The decks in Modern Horizons 2 are almost exclusively focused on creating powerful synergies between cards. However, there are some exceptions to that rule, like the multicolored control decks, which take advantage of the converge mechanic. These control decks can be different base colors, and they do tend to rely more on overall card quality than synergy at times. Armed with this knowledge, let’s dive into the official Modern Horizons 2 Limited Power Rankings!

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