Modern Hammer Time – Deck Guide Update

A lot has changed since I last wrote about Hammer Time. It has definitely been knocked off its pedestal as the top deck of the format. However, Hammer Time is still an inherently powerful strategy. Just because it’s not public enemy number one doesn’t mean that it isn’t a strong choice.

Boseiju, Who EnduresMarch of Otherworldly LightThe Reality Chip

The biggest hit the deck has taken has come from some of the new cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, as Boseiju, Who Endures and March of Otherworldly Light have made it easier for reactive decks to pick apart your synergies. Boseiju and March of Otherworldly Light both give controlling strategies easy ways to interact with permanents that would normally be safe. In particular, they both hit Urza’s Saga, which used to be your way to get free wins versus grindy decks.

Now, these matchups get a lot harder. March being an instant is a big upgrade from Prismatic Ending. You used to be able to get around Ending by doing things like slow roll your Sigarda’s Aid or win with Inkmoth Nexus, now you can get your combo picked apart by March even if you wait. Boseiju is also a headache because it can be recurred with Wrenn and Six. This can lead to you getting locked out by looping disenchants.

On the other hand, the deck has also gained access to new Equipment, as both Kaldra Compleat and The Reality Chip have given the deck a new angle of attack.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Finally, the banning of Lurrus of the Dream-Den has pros and cons for Hammer Time players. Hammer Time made decent use of Lurrus, but it was also very weak to opposing copies of Lurrus. The place of Hammer Time in the metagame has shifted since my previous article, and an update is in order.



5 thoughts on “Modern Hammer Time – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Let me re-phrase that questions correctly… Not enough blue mana to run Counterspell over Mana Leak in the SB?

  2. Correct, you will find that 1U is way easier to cast that UU. Also, you should be able to put pressure on your opponent, preventing them from playing around it.

  3. I would highly recommend swapping out one springleaf drum for a paradise mantle. Mantle can be searched up with steelshapers or stoneforge. If you have a puresteel (and metal craft) in play you get to equip and get extra mana from your creatures. It’s a free cast that can bump up your constructs.

  4. Emanuele Magugliani

    Hi Eli. In the mirror why siding out 2 skill if oppo’ s is going to side in removal spells? Is Not just better cutting pierce/sentinels?

    Thank a lot for the content

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