Modern Goblin Charbelcher Combo – Deck Guide Update

Goblin Charbelcher does something few other decks can do – it wins the game in one shot, with no need to bother with creatures, attacking, blocking or any kind of interaction at all. Best of all, it does it faster than basically any other strategy in Modern.

So while all of the Murktide, Omnath, Azorius and Jund mages are slogging it out with two-for-ones in the midgame, you can sidestep those battles completely by working directly towards a game plan which is so powerful that it hardly matters what else is going on in the game!

The Goblin Charbelcher deck (or just “Belcher” for short) has been a Modern standout since the release of Zendikar Rising and its double-faced land-spells. It’s still good, and has even picked up a few new cards recently. Plus, the banning of Lurrus of the Dream-Den earlier in the year was great news for this strategy, since decks full of cheap cards are typically tougher matchups than clunkier decks with expensive permanents. Join me as I walk through what’s going on in Belcher-land.



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2 thoughts on “Modern Goblin Charbelcher Combo – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Also an example of a recross the path setting up a kill with Pyromancer Ascension would be helpful. A step by step example on how to go infinite and win with spikefield. And there is a mention of Pact of Titan and Infernal Plunge neither of those cards are in the deck list. Some examples of board state and using a recross to win the following turn would be helpful too. Showing a Reforge with a Belcher 3 pacts and desperate rituals doesn’t help. Say opening hand is: Recross, desperate ritual, strike it rich, spikefield, sea gate, pact of negation, March of reckless.. i.e. Say board state was first turn tapped land (spikefield cave). Turn two shock land Sea gate, desperate ritual, stike it rich to get a treasure to get a green mana for a recross. Now you have the deck at your finger tips what’s your stack to win next turn? i.e. turntimber on top to win the clash, reforge the soul, sea gate (need mana for an offer you cant refuse), Noxious revival (to counter), Offer you can’t refuse, Desperate/Pyritic Ritual x 2, (need 4 mana for Irencrag Feat) Irencrag, Belcher. Stack the rest of the deck incase the opponent disrupts you.

    Clash and you win. You put the turntimber on the bottom of your library. Recross back to hand. Next turn: untap, draw Reforge, use your two mana to draw your seven stack. Shock in sea gate untapped, cast Noxious, counter with Offer and get two treasures to case rituals x 2 to have four mana for Irencrag. Cast belcher, activate belcher and win.

    What kind of stack do you make if an offer is in your opening hand and you recross? What kind of recross do you stack if your first turns went south and draw into all three of your crags. But, you still have the ability to Recross what do you stack for your Reforge? Or do you just bail on the reforge?

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