Modern Dimir Mill – Deck Guide

Before last year, I never really took Modern Dimir Mill seriously. It was always out there, but it was something that I’d laugh off as an “easy win” when I was paired against it, thinking that my opponent was more interested in having some fun than in racking up trophies. 

But recent printings have changed that. Dramatically. 


Drown in the Loch

First came Throne of Eldraine and Drown in the Loch. While not directly contributing to the mill plan, Drown in the Loch is nonetheless a major payoff for a strategy seeking to fill the opposing graveyard. Since Modern is centered so much around efficiency, a single trigger of Hedron Crab makes Drown a split card of Counterspell and Terminate for the vast majority of commonly-played cards. That’s extremely good by any standards.


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