Modern Death and Taxes with Modern Horizons 2 – Deck Guide

“Death and Taxes” has become a familiar term for many Magic players, and particularly those of the Eternal formats. In general, it refers to a disruptive white creature deck. When it comes to specifics, the lines start to blur a bit. 

Death and Taxes isn’t in it purely for speed, although having some hard-hitting creatures doesn’t hurt. It will always be based in white, but can splash any other color. It can be streamlined to 60 cards, or it can play 80 with Yorion, Sky Nomad as a companion. 

My featured deck list is based off of a 5-0 League deck from Magic Online player jonathandede. I really liked their overall structure and many of the card choices. My main changes were correcting for what seemed to me like card availability issues. For example, the original deck list only two Solitude and had Horizon Canopy instead of the on-color Sunbaked Canyon.



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