Modern Burn is Back! – Deck Guide Update

Throughout most of Modern’s history Burn – a red aggro deck composed of the most efficient spells that can directly damage an opponent backed up by a handful of aggressive creatures – has been a Tier 1 strategy in the format. However, over the last few years the deck has faded from being one of the best and most popular to one that’s been fighting an uphill battle. Explosive graveyard decks featuring Faithless Looting, decks with Oko, Thief of Crowns, Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and Heliod, Sun-Crowned have all been Tier 1 in Modern over the years and have all been absolute nightmare matchups for burn decks. That being said, now that the dust has settled after Modern Horizons 2, Burn is actually better positioned now than it has been since 2017 and is a great option to pick up if you’re looking for a deck to combat the various Four-Color Omnath piles. 

While there is some discrepancy on the right split of some of your burn spells – and you’ll always need to be flexible when building your sideboard for weekly tournaments – here’s a list that I would consider to be somewhat “stock” with a sideboard that I’d recommend for the current metagame. I already mentioned that Burn is one of the better options to fight the Four-Color Omnath menace, but it’s also a good choice versus Azorius Control, Hammer Time, Yawgmoth and Death’s Shadow, although it tends to struggle versus cascade decks, Amulet Titan and Murktide. 



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