Modern Boros Stoneblade – Deck Guide Update

Early in January, I spent a lot of time brewing and tuning a Boros Stoneblade deck that heavily features Modern’s most underplayed one drop: Fervent Champion

Fervent Champion

I recommend reading that guide here if you haven’t already: 

To briefly reiterate here are some of the main ideas behind the deck:

With these thought in mind, here’s the updated 75:



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2 thoughts on “Modern Boros Stoneblade – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Awesome update. Was super curious cause i saw the post on your twitter disappear and now this new list popped up. Once question is, how are you planning on boarding vs GDS?

  2. Also, is there any merit to running a 2/2 Split of Blood Moon and Magus? Since moon is now worse vs boseiju decks, but magus is worse vs something like shadow.

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