Modern BG Midrange Reclaimer – Deck Guide

With Lurrus of the Dream-Den banned, Liliana of the Veil is back in business! Recently, she scored a win in the MOCS Showcase Qualifier (250 players) in the hands of Musasabi! The deck Musasabi piloted to an 11-1 finish is a BG Midrange, also called BG “Rocklaimer” in honor of the old deck BG Rock, featuring an Elvish Reclaimer land toolbox together with fan favorites Tarmogoyf and Dark Confidant.

This deck is very similar to Jund Sagavan, but with a much more solid mana base.



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2 thoughts on “Modern BG Midrange Reclaimer – Deck Guide”

  1. Hey! You say “When Urza’s Saga hits chapter three, you can make a Construct and then sacrifice the Saga to Elvish Reclaimer to get a new one. You won’t tutor up an artifact but you won’t have to sacrifice another land.”

    I thought that when you put the third lore counter on Urza’s Saga the saga isn’t sacrificed until the last chapter ability resolves as the sacrifice isn’t paying a cost. The search is already on the stack, so you should be able sacrifice Urza’s Saga it to Elvish Reclaimer with the search on the stack and still be able to resolve the search.

    Do you know of any judge rulings that say sacrificing Urza’s Saga with the third ability on the stack prevents the search from resolving?

  2. Benjamin Brueseke

    I believe Andrea is wrong on not getting the artifact when Urza’s Saga is sacrificed. There is a judge ruling on Facebook addressing this.

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