Minor Misstep is Not the New Mental Misstep in Modern MTG

Minor Misstep is the newest piece of one-mana countermagic from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Despite its callback Mental Misstep from New Phyrexia, the two cards aren’t even close, since when it comes to Constructed Magic, one mana is a lot more than zero. Regardless, Minor Misstep will have some implications in older formats such as Modern and Legacy and it’s definitely worth exploring.

Recently, Izzet Murktide players have started playing one or two copies of Spell Snare which, similarly to Minor Misstep, has a very big restrictive element.

The top Modern decks play a lot of one and two-mana cards at the moment, and that’s why I think Minor Misstep can see play in decks like Izzet Murktide and other blue tempo strategies.


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