Midrange is Back! Alchemy BG Midrange – Deck Guide

You like casting powerful planeswalkers but don’t want to invest any of your precious wildcards to play Alchemy and love the feeling of casting a Storm the Festival and putting a Wrenn and Seven in addition to a Lolth, Spider Queen onto the battlefield? I think I got the right deck for you, and a rather sweet one at that – Alchemy BG Midrange. 

We had a long drought in Standard lately concerning the playability of midrange decks. Midrange was pushed out by the powerful Alrund’s Epiphany in conjunction with Galvanic Iteration. Luckily, Alchemy saved us from the Izzet menace as it seems. The nerf of Alrund’s Epiphany really made that card unexciting to play with. This is great news for all the midrange fans, opening up the door to play slow and grindy decks again.

It’s important to have a good way to deal with Key to the Archive because if you don’t and you want to play the late game, you’ll get buried by this strong artifact. Fortunately, Golgari has the perfect card to deal with Key to the Archive, Binding the Old Gods. Shoutout to my friend and Constructed aficionado Raul Porojan for the initial list. And if you want an additional upside for playing this deck? It’s a lot of fun to play!

I wrote this article before the latest B&R announcement by Wizards. Luckily enough, BG Midrange did not get hit by any nerfs and most of its competitors lost some of their power. This in turn should translate to the deck being even better than before!




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