Midnight Hunt Standard Metagame – Win Rates, Deck Lists and More

Standard is always at its most exciting right after a major rotation. A few weeks ago, Throne of Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria and Core Set 2021 left the format while Innistrad: Midnight Hunt joined in. To understand what the new Midnight Hunt Standard metagame looks like, I analyzed all Standard deck lists that were played in Best-of-Three events on MTG Melee from Sunday, September 19 up to and including Sunday, October 3. This loosely encompasses the first three weeks of play with the new set. In total, my data set contained 1947 decks and 4592 matches. The vast majority of these were played last weekend, for example in the large events held by BIG MAGIC and StarCityGames, which means that my data set is weighed towards recent developments.



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