Merfolk is Finally Great in Modern MTG! – Deck Guide

Merfolk has been a deck in Modern since the beginning, but it never broke through as one of the best decks of the format. With Modern Horizons 2 and the addition of Svyelun of Sea and Sky and Tide Shaper, it finally got both a good one-drop, forever missing in this archetype, as well as an extremely good three-drop tribal card that both protects your team, is hard to kill and draws a card every turn.

Vodalian Hexcatcher

But that still wasn’t enough to bring Merfolk to a competitive level in Modern! Dominaria United is trying to make the case for it with Vodalian Hexcatcher, a flash lord that’s also a great combat trick as well as a way to pump your creatures in response to a Fury or a Fire // Ice. It also just so happens to be the best spell possible against cascade decks, as well as any combo spell-based deck in the format, which is a huge chunk of them!



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1 thought on “Merfolk is Finally Great in Modern MTG! – Deck Guide”

  1. Nicholas Feliciano

    Bringing in Harbinger against burn and taking out Trickster is wrong. The two things Harbinger will be bouncing have haste and Eidolon will almost never be attacking against you. Flashing in trickster precombat to save some damage from Swiftspear or flashing it in after GG has attacked is much better than a sorcery speed 2 drop. Plus vialing in trickster without having to pay for Eidolon, targeting Eidolon, and then unloading lords with your regular mana will win you the game.

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