Mengu’s New Capenna Prerelease First Impressions

I love to attend the prerelease at my LGS and read cards for the first time in my hands. I’m very glad that Wizards has put paper Magic to the front of its priorities again and that Streets of New Capenna was featured in paper first. The owner of my LGS is a good friend of mine, and during prerelease I love to spend the weekend at his house, going to all his events.

This time, I attended two of them – Friday and Saturday – choosing Riveteers and Maestros. While prerelease isn’t exactly a replication of real Sealed deck, I think it’s a good opportunity to share my underperformers and overperformers of the weekend to better prepare for the upcoming release on MTG Arena.




Header - Prerelease #1 - Riveteers


Prerelease Cabaretti by Andrea Mengucci


Despite choosing Riveteers, I found myself building a Cabaretti deck, not because my black cards were bad (in fact, I had Tenacious Underdog and Evelyn, the Covetous) but because my mana base was horrendous, with only three land fixers and one Masked Bandits

If Cube taught me anything, it’s that you should put a huge amount of respect into the mana base, and in order to build a full tricolor deck, you need to have an exceptional mana base, which I did not have. I still think that building full tricolor will be an almost impossible task in Draft and especially Sealed and you’ll be better off playing mainly two colors splashing a third one among your duals and Treasures.

I decided to go for RG Aggro with a ton of cheap creatures and a tiny splash of white since I had three white duals, as well as a couple of Treasure makers. The white cards I decided to splash were Hold for Ransom and Ceremonial Groundbreaker.

Hold for RansomCeremonial Groundbreaker

I have a golden rule in Limited, which is that my main colors need to have at least nine sources each and if I’m splashing one card, it needs three sources, if I’m splashing two cards it needs four sources and so on.

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