Meet Modern’s Newest Sleeper Hits from The Brothers’ War

The Brothers’ War will be legal this week, and as a Modern aficionado, I wanted to do a list of all the cards that need to be on your radar from a competitive point of view. These are cards that I expect to see and want to brew with, so let’s begin!

Arcane ProxyThird Path Iconoclast

First two I want to mention are Arcane Proxy and Third Path Iconoclast, which I covered last week, highlighting which decks they might fit. I’m particularly excited to try Third Path Iconoclast in Jeskai Breach and Arcane Proxy in Crashing Footfalls, as I think they will definitely see play in those two archetypes. I also highlighted the possibility of including them in Izzet decks such as Murktide for Arcane Proxy as a Snapcaster Mage effect and Third Path Iconoclast to replace Sprite Dragon in Izzet Prowess.

Outside of these two cards, there’s another two in particular that could open portals to some new archetypes in Modern.


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