Luck, Skill, Victory – My Magic Journey, Pt 5 – Deep Dive

Welcome back to my Magic journey – you can find the last installment here:

When we last left off, I’d just won Nationals 2007, and had a good start to the year after a Top 32 finish at Pro Tour Geneva. Next up was Pro Tour Yokohama, which was Time Spiral Block Constructed. This was an odd Pro Tour for many reasons, up to and including how we tested and what we ultimately chose to play.


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For this Pro Tour, I tested with Paul Cheon (of course), Oyvind Anderson (wefald on MTGO) and Jonathan Pearlman (who I knew from the Bay Area and who ended up working at Dire Wolf and then Wizards). We took testing very seriously, and played a ton against each other on MTGO. Pro Tours back then were a huge opportunity, since decklists weren’t shared as easily online and people didn’t know what they were doing to the same degree. That was exacerbated when it came to Block Constructed, since nobody really played it outside the PT competitors, so finding good lists was even harder.

Wefald was a grinder, and a great deckbuilder, so we were happy to get to team up with him. He built this really sweet black control deck that splashed blue for Aeon Chronicler, and for most of the testing, it looked like that’s what we were going to play. We’d played that deck ad nauseam, and knew exactly why every slot was there, what every matchup looked like, and were all set.


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