Limited Level-Up – How to Block Better

If I think back to the days when I was still very much learning the ropes of Limited Magic, creature combat sticks out in my mind as “the thing I thought I was pretty good at until I saw better players do it.” While it seems so obvious to me now, I can’t tell you how much of a lightbulb moment it was when I first heard someone say something that would suggest that attacking a 3/3 into two 2/2s was a bad idea. Even still, throughout my career as a Limited player, I’ve had many moments of thinking “okay, now I get creature combat” until yet again, I saw a better player navigate the combat phase better than I would. Today, I want to walk through some “best practices” guidelines for creature combat, more specifically, some thoughts about how to block better. Attacking will likely be something I cover in a future article – that’s a whole other animal!



Header - Gather Info From Attacks

Bamboo Grove ArcherLeech Gauntlet

It’s turn three and your opponent attacks into your 3/3 Bamboo Grove Archer with a 2/2 Leech Gauntlet – what gives? While you can almost say for certain that they’re not just throwing away their creature by giving you a free block, what they are doing is giving you important information. Putting aside the possibility of bluffing, you now know that they have something in hand that makes that attack make sense.

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  1. Does ANYONE proofread these? Errors everywhere, two in one sentence once, referring to the “situation above” with a completely unrelated image, and there’s no way you meant to say “if your opponent is making less conservative attacks” it’s indicative they’re playing for the long game, right?

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