Legacy Tainted Pact – Deck Guide

Tainted Pact was reprinted in the Mystical Archive in Strixhaven, breaking Historic and requiring a ban for Thassa’s Oracle. While Tainted Pact isn’t legal in Modern, this strange and powerful card can be exploited in Legacy still. Today, that’s exactly what I’m going to show off – a Historic deck that’s been ported over to Legacy in Legacy Tainted Pact!

The original list comes from Monkeyscantcry, who put the deck on the map originally. I saw their list and recorded a Legacy veedeo (which you can watch below) with it, going 4-1 after beating four blue decks. That gave me hope and I played the deck even more afterwards. I don’t think we’re in Tier 1 territory, but I do think the deck is powerful and can take lots of opponents off-guard. It’s especially fun if you enjoy playing playing singleton Magic too!



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