Legacy Dice Factory – Deck Guide

Dice Factory is a deck that’s been around in Modern and Legacy for a very long time, but it recently got a new piece in Urza’s Saga.

I’ve already talked in depth over the past month about why Urza’s Saga is a great card that revitalized a plethora of forgotten archetypes, and this is definitely one of them, as you’re able to pick up a key combo pieces in Surge Node or Everflowing Chalice while having a strong win condition against creature decks.


Urza's Saga

I’ve played against FlowTrue in Legacy Leagues and it’s been a pleasure watching them going off, casting their whole deck with Mystic Forge and a lot of mana. Recently, they made it all the way to 10th place in a Legacy Challenge, which made me take this deck more seriously.

The name Dice Factory comes from the fact that if you want to play this deck in paper, you’ll need a heaping helping of dice, since both Surge Node and Coretapper love to distribute them around your myriad of artifacts.


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