Learn to Play One of MTG’s Best Draft Formats – Dominaria

Dominaria Premier Booster Draft events will be available on Magic Arena between April 1 and April 8. This is one of the most well-respected Limited formats of all time, so every MTG fan should get the experience of trying it out. 

A huge reason why Dominaria is so beloved is that it makes for great gameplay. So while I’ll give you all the tips you need to draft well and construct winning decks, know that much of your experience with this set will center on having a plan, executing well and staying focused in games that sometimes go for quite a long time. 

Synergy matters, but isn’t everything. Some games are attrition battles, where you need to generate maximum value from all of your cards. However, it’s also possible to go over the top with a lategame bomb or combo. So what should you do?

The key is to have that clear game plan; a vision for how you’re going to win the game. Generating a bunch of tokens is great, but how will you leverage that into a win? Having an engine card, or something like Song of Freyalise or Wild Onslaught might be the key. Identify what has to happen for you to win, and focus on that, rather than simply working with the cards in your opening hand. 

With so much removal, there are plenty of answers to bomb creatures. Being able to answer a scary creature on the other side of the battlefield should be part of your plan for a long game. At the same time, don’t count on a single Serra Angel to win the game for you. However, if you can incorporate ways to recur or protect your bomb, or if your bomb comes in the form of a noncreature card, it can definitely contribute to an effective game plan. 

Dominaria is generally a slow format. Fast, aggressive starts are possible, but cheap blockers and tokens often gum up the ground. Compared to most sets, the removal options are a little stronger and the creature options are a little weaker. 

Tolarian Scholar

For example, if a three mana 2/3 shows up in some future Limited format, I’ll probably be looking for multiple good abilities attached before I’m excited to draft it and put it in my deck. Tolarian Scholar is a Dominaria creature with no abilities (outside of the small hidden ability of creature type: Wizard), and it can wind up being a fine filler card in plenty of decks. 




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