Kamigawa Standard Brews – Sneaking In with UB Ninjas!

Ninjas are back in full force! Ninjutsu, one of the coolest abilities in Magic, makes a return. What’s even cooler than an honorable Samurai? A hidden Ninja of course! If you’re into silently taking out every enemy in the camp instead of running in guns blazing, this is the strategy for you! 

I gotta say, I absolutely love the look of this set. I’m a fan of Japanese culture and history as well as cyberpunk. I’m getting everything I ever wanted in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Today’s will try to unveil mysteries like: how good are the Ninjas we received? What do we need for a ninjutsu deck? Will we be able to build a deck around them that can compete in Standard?

Starting out, now that we have the entire Set spoiled, let us take a closer look at the disguised assassins we have access to and assemble the deck to the end.




Header - Card Choices

Kaito Shizuki

The planeswalker Kaito Shizuki is great in a deck built around the ninjutsu mechanic and gives me high hopes for the archetype. Providing an unblockable Ninja and giving us card advantage in the same card is great. The phasing on the first turn is a nice extra bonus that will very likely give us the ability to activate Kaito a second time. Very strong card for a Ninjutsu deck.

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