Kamigawa Standard Brews – Revisiting Gruul Bard Class

The plane of Kamigawa is home to epic tales and larger than life characters. In Magic speak, that means legends! And that, in turn, means that I’ll be revisiting a card that I’ve had a lot of fun with over the past year – Bard Class.

Bard Class

Bard Class hasn’t quite broken into the top tier of competitive Constructed yet, but it’s a very powerful card that makes for extremely explosive draws. In a deck with mostly legendary creatures, it gives everything a permanent stat boost. You can invest the mana for level two and get repaid immediately with a corresponding discount on a legend. After that, it can help you accelerate to game-winning cards, or flood the board with multiple spells in a turn.

I’m hoping that with an influx of new legends from Neon Dynasty, plus a couple of other very nice tools, a Gruul Bard Class might finally get its time to shine. 




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