Kamigawa Brew in Review – Alchemy GW Ramp

Welcome to another Brew in Review article. This is an ongoing project where I iterate and improve upon a deck idea as the format develops. Today I’ll be covering Alchemy GW Ramp. For reference, find the original article here:

In the original piece, I offered some adjustments for classic Standard, or for choosing other color combinations. Today, I’ll be focusing exclusively on the Selesnya Settle the Wilds deck list that I’ve been working on. However, I think a lot of the knowledge can be easily ported to similar decks across formats.




Header - Core Cards

I’ve found this deck particularly tricky to tune because there’s so much flexibility, and only a small handful of cards which are indispensable to the game plan. Here are the only two cards which I consider to be slam-dunk four-ofs at this point.

There are many options for two-mana ramp spells, but frankly, none of them are very good. Tangled Florahedron is awesome because this deck wants a very high land count, but also lacks productive plays to make before turn three. In other words, I’m always happy to see Florahedron in my opening hand.

Settle the Wilds is the card that the deck is built around. I liked it when I read it, and it’s been even more impressive in practice than it is on paper. It unconditionally ramps you while providing card advantage, and giving you increased access to your best threat. Crucially, it will always guarantee you a strong play for the following turn. 

Normally, a major fail case for a ramp deck is generating tons of mana, but lacking payoff cards. Settle the Wilds virtually ensures that can’t happen.


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