Kamigawa Alchemy Brews – Ramp with Shigeki and More!

I’ve long been interested in Settle the Wilds, which is an Alchemy-specific card that appeals to the green mage in me. Yesterday (at the time of writing), I watched Andrew Cuneo playing with a mono-green Settle the Wilds deck in Historic. After seeing some cool preview cards from Neon Dynasty, like Shigeki, Jukai Visionary, that would fit the archetype, I finally decided to put pen to paper and do some brewing of my own.

In contrast to Andrew’s deck, I’ll be focusing on multicolor brews in Standard and Alchemy.

Settle the Wilds is appealing because it provides you with mana and action at the same time. It represents both an early play and card advantage to set you up deep into the midgame. To make ideal use of it, your deck needs to check a few boxes.

  • Plenty of basic lands. I wouldn’t leave home without seven, but it’s possible that having nine or 10 is even better.
  • Plenty of powerful plays on which to spend your mana. Specifically, you’ll want cards that can help you claw back from behind, since you’re spending your early turns developing mana while the opponent might be deploying creatures.
  • A good mana curve of permanents to conjure. Since Settle the Wilds costs three mana and finds a land, you’ll usually be finding permanents with mana value four or greater. However, it’s hypothetically possible to cast it off of two lands and a Tangled Florahedron, so you should have at least one permanent that costs three mana.




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