Jund Saga is Underrated! Modern MTG Deck Guide Update

Despite not having much share of the spotlight in the current Modern metagame, it’s my opinion that Jund is a powerful and underrated option at the moment. Jund occupies a similar matchup spread that Izzet Murktide does. Both are fair decks that do a good job at combating opposing linear decks, while both struggle versus opposing Omnath decks. And while their exact matchup spreads are a little different (Jund is much better versus Azorius Control, Yawgmoth and Hammer than Murktide is, while Murktide is better versus Tron, Titan and Belcher). While there are several different versions and builds of Jund at the moment, I believe that the best of these is Jund Saga.

Jund Saga is a variant of the Jund archetype that relies on Modern’s most powerful land, Urza’s Saga, to provide access to various interactive artifacts as well as late game inevitability by recurring Saga with Wrenn and Six. A recent printing from Dominaria United has granted the archetype a huge upgrade to its late game, with what I believe is the best top end threat you can play in the archetype.



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