Is This the Best New Deck in MTG Standard with The Brothers’ War?

I tried Izzet Spells in The Brothers’ War Early Access invent that Wizards invited me to and I’ll go out on a limb and say right now that this will be one of the best decks in this new Standard format. 

If you followed the recent World Championship, you might have noticed that this deck was already great and it didn’t even really matter whether you played the cheaper Mono-Blue version or Izzet. Both versions were taking advantage of the fact that the Standard metagame was full of midrange decks which matched up poorly against a deck play multiple spells a turn that eventually slams a Haughty Djinn or Tolarian Terror with Shore Up or Spell Pierce protection and quickly turned the corner. 


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Third Path Iconoclast

This strategy now gets access to Third Path Iconoclast, which is absolutely bonkers in this deck. Here’s just a few of the things it does for this deck:

  • You’re already playing a ton of cheap spells, so you don’t really have to make too many adjustments to accommodate it. My list currently has 18 cards I can play for just one mana.
  • Unlike Young Pyromancer, which only triggers for instants and sorceries, Third Path Iconoclast says “noncreature spell,” which means you get a token for Fable of the Mirror-Breaker as well. This is very important, as Fable is still one of, if not the best card in the whole format. They also conveniently curve out one after another.
  • Another thing that frequently comes up is that you play Iconoclast on turn two, it eats a removal spell and then you follow up with Fable of the Mirror-Breaker. Now the token is free to attack and ready to start netting a mana advantage. 
  • The Meathook Massacre is banned, which makes a go-wide strategy very hard to deal with without a proper sweeper. 
  • Third Path Iconoclast creates artifact tokens, which turns Voltage Surge into a one-mana deal four damage spell. That’s a pretty sick deal and an important part of the deck. 
  • Against control decks, all you need is to sneak in an Iconoclast and then hold a bunch of counters while creating tokens. It’s a one-man army that will singlehandedly win you the game most of the time. 
  • Against aggro, the free tokens do an amazing job in helping you stabilize. I saw a lot of Azorius Soldier decks in the early access event and a lot of creature decks in general. Iconoclast and burn spells is a great way to fight those strategies. 
  • With so many cheap spells, there are a few other cards that fit perfectly into this strategy. The obvious ones are Haughty Djinn and Tolarian Terror, but I’m mostly excited about another creature; Lier, Disciple of the Drowned is the perfect card for this strategy. 

Let’s take a look at the deck list.

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